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When it is time to sell there are a few things that you can do that really help to show off your property in its best light, we know that these things can take time and effort … but if you can, they are worth it.
Time To Declutter 

A cluttered home can be quite difficult for a potential purchaser to look around; clutter makes your property seem smaller than it really is and doesn’t help to show off your accommodation, which makes it hard for viewers to envisage themselves living there.

Curb appeal
Stand outside your home and have a look at what might need doing. If you can spot it, so can a buyer and this is when first impressions really matter.

Sparkle and Shine

It’s a really good idea to give your house a once over, making it appealing to buyers. Dust all the surfaces and if you can remove limescale and mould from bathrooms and kitchens.
By having your home all clean and shiny it means that the buyers are just concentrating on what really matters to them

Light and Bright
Lightbulbs can make a huge difference, some of the low energy ones can be quite dark, so take a look at the “Daylight” bulbs as they can really help. 
For viewings, open up all the blinds and curtains and turn on the lights too …. Don’t forget to clean the windows.

Repaint the walls
If needed, repainting your walls in a neutral and light colour can boost your homes appeal and it can also make your rooms seem larger and brighter too.

You don’t really need us to tell you what odours are bad, but the good ones are the smells of coffee and baking, and just think after the viewing you can enjoy the cake afterwards! Try to avoid oil burners if possible, maybe try plug in fresheners instead. 
Stage your home

Make the beds and plump those cushions, you don’t have to make it look like a show home, just make it feel like a home.

Tidy the garden area

Try to show off the size of your garden, by trimming back the bushes and having a mowed lawn. 
The garden is used as an extra room when the sun is out, so to most buyers this is such an important area.

Fix anything broken
Have a close look at your home, is there anything in need of repair? If there is and you can manage to do it, it will make a huge difference.