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Its 1999, world leaders include Clinton, Blair, Chirac, Schroder and Mandela. Number 1 song in the charts is ' Believe ' by Cher.  It sees the advent of the Euro currency, Columbine, Zero internet other than whistling modem, and the parallel opening of the Millennium Dome ( yay ) with the fears of Armageddon due to the Y2k bug ( boo ).  

So we opened an office.

Initially at least, we needed some support. You see, accomplished as we were in our field, that was the limited extent of our knowledge.
Great with people and property. Clueless in running a business.
So we partnered with a prominent Gloucestershire Independent Estate Agent under their brand and set about learning what we knew we didn't know.

For 5 years. Then it was time to paddle our own canoe. We needed an identity of our own and chose TAG.


If you're still reading this, all is revealed in the following.

It's 1471, world leaders include Henry VI, Frederick III, Ivan the Great, Leonardo da Vinci and Louis XI.  Number 1 song in the charts is ' Ave Regina Celorum ' by Guillaume Du Fay. It sees the advent of a new Pope Sixtus IV, the discovery of the Islands Sao Tome & Principe, The Portuguese occupation of Tangiers and The Battle of Tewkesbury played out a mile or so from the current High Street between the armies of the Houses of Lancaster and York, a definitive event in the fabled ' Wars of the Roses ' under the heraldic banners of the White Rose of York and the Red Rose of Lancaster.

Around 50 years later, somebody, likely a merchant of some standing, commissioned our office building and called it The Ancient Grudge.

TAG take our name as an acronym of ' The Ancient Grudge ' .

 The Ancient Grudge is so named for the enmity between those Warring Houses and it is the only timber framed building in Tewkesbury to feature a herringbone facade which compliments the large fireplace, linen panel door and intricately moulded beamed ceiling.  Stop anybody in Tewkesbury High Street and ask where number 15 is and you'll likely get a vacant stare, ask them for The Ancient Grudge and you'll likely get directed our way.

Spoiler Alert: The Yorkists won despite having a slightly smaller army, The Lancastrians were backed up to the Rivers Severn and Avon and, rather un-sportingly, the Yorkists peppered them with arrows and artillery shot. If you'd like to see for yourself, Tewkesbury features one of the largest medieval re-enactments in Europe each 2nd weekend of July.

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