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Detailed below are our fees applicable to tenants when renting a property through TAG Residential Lettings.

An initial non refundable payment of £180.00+VAT ( £216.00 ) is required for administrative costs with an additional £40.00 ( £48.00 ) for each qualifying applicant to carry out a reference check. Applicants must note that the offer of the tenancy is subject to the references being satisfactory and that in the event of the need for a guarantor then a charge of £40.00 ( £48.00 ) will again apply for referencing purposes of that guarantor. If you think that you will need a guarantor please inform us at the start of the process in order to avoid unnecessary delays.

We must see proof of address and photo ID for each applicant before undertaking the reference check.

The initial payment with one reference check------ £220.00 plus VAT ( £264.00 )
The initial payment with two reference check------ £260.00 plus VAT ( £312.00 )
The initial payment with three reference check------ £300.00 plus VAT ( £360.00 )
The initial payment with four reference check------ £340.00+VAT ( £408.00 )

Each additional reference £40.00+VAT ( £48.00 )
When a company acts as the tenant a reference fee of £40.00+VAT ( £48.00 ) will apply plus the administration fee.

Subsequent Payment

Following a successful reference, the next payment(s) required will be the deposit, one months rent in advance and where applicable any additional security deposit. Payment can be made by cash, building society cheque, bankers draft or electronic transfer, please take account of any clearance period as we require cleared funds before we can check you in.

Deposit- The equivalent of one months rent plus £100.00

Pet Clause ( where applicable ) £100.00 and a signed commitment to have the carpets professionally cleaned on completion of the tenancy.

One months rent in advance.

As agents we require that rental payments are paid on a monthly basis on time and in full on the anniversary date of the tenancy start date, payments should be made by standing order.

Important Note:

All tenancies are for a minimum period of six months and it is not possible to move into a property until:

  1. Reference checks are completed and satisfactory.
  2. Tenancy agreement is signed.
  3. Standing order is completed.
  4. Cleared funds are received.

All of our properties are no smoking

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